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Hi there! My name is Kenzie Osborne and I am a nutritionist, recipe developer, chef, and mental health advocate! As a child, I suffered from a severe case of anorexia, and my life was nearly taken away. Fortunately, with a little encouragement, I started experimenting in the kitchen and I grew to absolutely LOVE food. After creating recipes for health-based companies, developing culinary nutrition programs for kids, and teaching culinary demonstrations, I have decided to take a leap of faith and open my own business. My goal is to share my love and passion for cooking, and help the community to realize all of the incredible benefits of eating healthy, tasty, indulgent food! The profits from my services go towards supporting mental health facilities in Toronto to encourage those suffering to “solve their puzzle” by finding peace and happiness. Reserve your exciting culinary experience today, and enjoy a delicious treat all while fuelling your body with nutrients and supporting those suffering from mental illness. Excite your taste buds, share your love, and find the last piece to your puzzle today ❤

My Sweets N’ Treats…

Energy Bite Boxes: Treat yourself and your loved ones to a big ‘ol box of energy bites. Our unique flavours will excite your taste buds, and our wholesome ingredients will bring your mind and body loads of joy! Order your box TODAY!

High Tea Time: Stay tuned for the dates of our body positivity pop-up High Tea events! These events feature; a delicious assortment of wholesome, natural foods; a short n’ sweet body positivity talk; and, a dessert table with customizable body positivity posters for you to sign! Every attendee has the opportunity to save their last piece for someone special by donating a sweet to someone suffering from mental illness!

Personal Chef Services: Surprise your guests with an incredible three, four or five-course meal! Work with us to create your dream menu, and we’ll make sure it features local, wholesome, natural ingredients to provide you and your guests with a punch of nutrition and a burst of favour! Profits go towards supporting local mental health facilities and eating disorder rehabilitation centres!

Private Cooking Course: Enroll in our 6-week Revitalize and Nourish program! Learn how to shop smart, choose the best ingredients, save money, and make delicious food. Enjoy three gourmet meals and receive a personalized one-week recipe book!

***A portion of the profits from all of our services (energy bite boxes, high tea pop-ups, courses, and personal chef services) will be donated to local eating disorder rehabilitation centres and mental health facilities. Thank you for your help in raising awareness about physical and mental wellbeing!

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