A Little Hello from the Owner

Hello! My name is Kenzie and I am the proud owner of Last Piece Sweets! Growing up, I suffered from an eating disorder known as anorexia nervosa. I feared food, and I convinced myself that many of my favourite foods were “bad” and “unhealthy”. I listened to the media, and avoided so-called “bad things” like fat, sugar, salt, and carbohydrates. I guess you could say that I found out the hard way

that these foods were FAR from bad… Without eating fats, sugars, salts, and carbs, my body suffered. I had no energy, my bones were frail, my muscles were weak, and I eventually had to drop out of school to focus on my health.

Throughout recovery, I began to spend more time in the kitchen. I experimented with flavours, and began to re-incorporate some of my favourite foods back into my diet. As I spent more time in the kitchen and learnt how to cook food using whole, natural ingredients, I began to find peace with food. I felt AMAZING when I fuelled my body properly, and I loved the therapeutic effects of working with food, forming doughs, and making delicious dishes. My passion for cooking continued to develop, and I decided to enroll in culinary school at George Brown College.

After working with a research team to develop nutritious recipes, developing culinary-nutrition curriculum for after school programs, and of course, working in a few too many hectic kitchens, I have finally decided to open my business! My goals are to raise awareness about mental illness, provide support to those in need, and encourage the community to fuel their bodies with whole, natural, REAL food! My food is prepared using healthy, natural ingredients (nutrition label information is NOT disclosed – there’s no need to be counting all those calories, let’s enjoy the REAL food!). I hope to inspire those suffering from mental illness to recover by eating healthy food that will benefit their mind, spirit, and body!

THANK YOU: A large portion of the profits from all of my services will be donated to local eating disorder rehabilitation centres and mental health facilities. Thank you for helping me with my mission to inspire the Toronto community to be healthy, and I look forward to serving you some delicious sweets n’ treats soon!