Cooking Courses

There’s much more to cooking than chopping up a few onions, tossing ’em in the pan and wearing a fancy chef hat – you need to know what ingredients to get, the techniques to make impressive meals, and how to plate them in creative ways! Whether you’re looking to save a little money, find a new hobby, or impress your significant other, these cooking courses will help you reach your goal! If you want to take your cooking to the next level, learn about the benefits of eating healthy food, and donate to support mental illness, then sign up today!

**Prices above are subject to change without notice.

**Class prices are for ONE person! But, don’t fret! Bring up to 3 more friends or family members (4 people total) for an additional $50.00 each. That means for the Budget Saver, a group of four people would cost $400.00 (only $100.00 each!). That includes an initial meeting, a grocery store tour, 3 one-hour cooking classes, a dinner (on me!) and a booklet of 7 recipes, made just for you!

Interested in signing up for a cooking course? Simply leave a quick message explaining which course you are interested in and we’ll get started soon! Can’t wait to start cooking with you soon!