Keeping You Safe!

Of course, I want to ensure that you have the very best experience during any of our events or services. Please be advised that our products for our High Tea events are prepared in a community kitchen. This means I cannot control whether or not there have been nuts, seeds, or other allergens used in the facility. As much as I do my best to eliminate any chances of cross contamination with allergens, I cannot guarantee that my products have not come into contact with surfaces that have been contaminated with allergens.

If you have severe allergies to nuts, seeds, or other ingredients, I advise you to take caution when consuming our food. Please inform us of any dietary restrictions prior to attending the event so we can communicate the risks and discus ways to adjust the menu to cater to your needs. If you have severe allergies, perhaps try out some of our home-catered services instead! Personal chef services and cooking courses can take place in your own home using your own ingredients – that way you can stay safe and enjoy some delicious food – all while donating to mental health!